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A Mission to Civilize: Part II

by I Am The Owl

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When truth and lies start to blend into one Let me off I'm not having fun Life in the bubble hasn't treated us well Step out the door into the fires of hell By now it's clear I don't get the joke And I'm regretting that I ever spoke When everything is motivated by lust We've run out of other people to trust I hope you know there's no going back The devil wears many masks Open your mind and close your eyes Just follow orders and nobody dies I still remember when I used to believe I still remember every little thing I still remember feeling something more I still remember walking through that door I take it back every word I said I found the maze I think I lost my head So cut me open tell me what you find Three decades in and I'm still flying blind Your lips are moving but I don't hear a word Can't find my voice and my vision is blurred There's no escape and it never ends There's nothing left I can comprehend
Houston 04:00
Rattlesnakes 04:08
Burnt the rest of your last check Struggling to pay the rent Running to the end of the day to find a way to make it all make sense Running out of fingers to point bumming for another joint endlessly eluding responsibility have you no self respect? You haven't fooled me yet Mask indifference with regret Save your lies for your last breath Go ahead and hedge your bet But you haven't fooled me Twist around your words 'til they sound just right Don't dare let the truth come to light and take advantage of everyone in your life Ignore your conscience Keep coming up with nothing Well let me tell you something you should know implicitly Never bite the hand that feeds Never bite the hand that feeds Drinking all your sorrows away Sinking deeper every day Slipping so much farther from the reality you try so hard to escape The bruises and the scars might fade But the memory remains the same Reaping what you sow cause no matter what you say you'll never change
New Horizon 03:06
Same story just a different day I know exactly what they'll say And how they'll shut us down Screaming louder to drown us out We keep turning the other cheek You keep thinking we're weak It's time to make our point It's time to flip the coin It's just a matter of time All of us are gonna die With fire in your eyes No more value to our lives It's just a matter of time All of us are gonna rise With fire in our eyes On a mission to civilize Forcing our ideals on you (so what the fuck you gonna do?) Run and hide from your doom (but you're never gonna make it) There's nothing you can say (destruction's coming your way) We've sealed your fate The gun is in my face No surprise it's just another day I'm beaten, bloody, broken All because I was outspoken We're outnumbered, 100 to 1 We're outnumbered, and outgunned We're outnumbered, feel it in your bones We're outnumbered by these fucking clones We're outnumbered, but we won't run


released June 1, 2018

All songs written, produced, and performed by I Am The Owl

Josh Rivera - Guitar/Vocals
Josh Harrelson - Guitar
Kyle Krueckeberg - Bass/Vocals
Corey Hatch - Drums

Saxophone Solo on "Houston" - Hayden Farr
Psychedelic Guitar on "Houston" - Timo Massa
Guitar solo on "You Haven't Fooled Me" - Reed Perry

Recorded and Mixed at The Blasting Room, Ft Collins CO, by Andrew Berlin
Mastered by Jason Livermore.

Album art piece by Dusty Ray @ Dusty Ray Slop Art (www.etsy.com/shop/DustyRayPaints)
Album art layout Josh Rivera

Special thanks to Colorado Creative Industries for awarding us a Career Advancement Award, and Mishawaka Amphitheatre for granting our Mish Wish. Without the funding from these 2 grants we would not have been able to finish this album!


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I Am The Owl Fort Collins, Colorado

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